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Streamline the design briefing process

All the tools you need to plan and define a design project are aggregated in one central place. My Visual Brief provides you with a comprehensive canvas for design project briefing, making the whole process smoother and much more transparent. What was scattered before is now efficiently centralized.

Define your design direction visually

Using words to communicate visual tastes and preferences can be tricky and misleading. My Visual Brief enables clients, creative directors, and designers to voice their suggestions and expectations in a visual way. From now on, they will be able to show, not just say, what they want for their design project.

Save precious
research time

My Visual Brief provides you with a large and regularly updated database filled with ideas, design examples and suggestions. Quickly choose the visual references that best suit your project’s type, audience and line of business. Accelerate the research and scouting process and save, at long last, precious time!

Collaborate more efficiently

Thanks to My Visual Brief, you, your teammates, collaborators and clients can work together to plan and define a design project in one central place, anytime, anywhere. Invite others to view the project brief and share their feedback in an easy and organised fashion.

You are saying...
The briefing process between a client and account managers or between account managers and designers is always so slow and full of misinterpretations. My Visual Brief centralizes it all making it super simple. It feels like a game!
Aspasia Koumli
Brand Strategist, Leo Burnett
Los Angeles, CA
This tool facilitates design team collaboration helping to make clearer & better decisions. It help us to understand our clients, develop better processes and build trust. My Visual Brief improves the service experience given to our clients.
M. Constanza Rebolledo D.
Co-founder of a design studio Tinca
Santiago, Chile
With a curated and growing collection of design elements, My Visual Brief enables rich conversations between a client and a designer. The methodology and brief templates provide a clean and repeatable method for describing diverse design projects.
R. George Komoto
Freelance UX designer
Silicon Valley, CA
Great tool to create a design brief in one central place. It allows me to browse and select different style options, discuss design examples with the client and my design team. Saves a lot of time and keeps everyone focused. It’s also fun to use!
Mary McPherson
Account Manager, DHX Advertising
My Visual Brief helps the client think like a designer and the designer like a client, ultimately creating a tighter, more focused brief.  This brief keeps both parties on the same page and should result in design work with only good surprises.
Carl Brinker
Marketing Professional
New York City, NY
It's an amazing tool, to streamline all your clients briefs. The step by step approach helps minimise confusion and make the client a part of the design process. Plus the tool has a great UI and is really easy to use.
Candy Willems
Designer, Havas EHS
London, UK
My Visual Brief helps web & graphic designers and teams to set the right direction for a design project by creating a design brief quickly and visually.
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