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4 Design Feedback Tools That Will Change Your Life

When you’re in the middle of a design project with a client, the last thing you want to do is break your creative flow.  The best way to do this is to stay organized and on top of your client feedback.  Design is a fluid process, so it makes sense that your client communication should mirror that process.  Using a design feedback tool is a great way to enable your creativity while still being mindful of your client’s vision for the project.  Here are some of our favorite design feedback tools:

1. Cage App

Some of Cage App features.

Some features from Cage App that will help with your design process.

Cage is one of the original designer/client collaboration tools and is widely known for its ease-of-use and advanced thinking.  If you upload a design, your client can approve certain files and create web-based presentations to inform you of their needs.

In terms of project management, even though Cage App provides this feature, we think it is not very well developed and could use more thought. It would be great to see CageApp taking the design management to the next level and not just focusing on managing the comments that were posted on the designs. Still some work to do here, Cage App!


2. Notable

An example of Notable's application.

An example of how to use Notable to get feedback on your design.

Notable is a great collaboration tool that is meant for large teams.  With Notable, you’ll be able to take any sketch, wireframe or screenshot and instantly share it with your team.  Notable is web-based, which means that your team and clients can access and provide feedback on designs from anywhere in the world.
Notable’s stand-out feature is how easily it integrates throughout your digital life.  With an iPhone app, browser plugins and Photoshop plugins, you’ll always be able to make a note of interesting design or submit a particular image for feedback and review.



Real time project discussion with Notism.

Real time project discussion with Notism.

Notism is a nifty little web app that is geared towards providing designer-client collaboration in real time.  Your clients can communicate their feedback on your designs through sketches or notes, and you’ll be notified instantly of their comments.  You can upload several different versions of a design and you’ll be able to switch back and forth between the various versions depending on your client’s feedback.

Notism has a cool prototyping tool that allows designers to turn static pages into interactive pages without inputting any type of code.  This will allow you to turn your client’s dreams into reality a whole lot quicker than if you were just sending e-mails back and forth!


4. Redpen

A simple and clean interface to get feedback with Redpen.

A simple and clean interface to get fast feedback on your design with Redpen.

Redpen prides itself on being the fastest client/designer feedback tool out there, and it certainly seems that way.  When you upload your file to the web-based service, you are immediately provided with an option to share a link to that file.  Once your client has your design in their hands, they are free to leave interactive comments anywhere throughout the design.

If you have multiple options for the same design, you can create a “project,” which will allow your clients to easily flip back and forth through the different designs.  On the same note, you can also add multiple layers or “drafts” to your singular design so your clients can keep tabs on your changes as you go along.


Any of these tools would be a great asset to your current design project.  They can surely help you to eliminate any administrative or communicative hurdles that will keep you from delivering your best.  After all, great work is what’s going to keep your client happy…and what’s better than a happy client?

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  • We’re right now in beta with another design feedback tool called ViewFlux
    In addition to design feedback we offer prototyping and file delivery in the hopes of covering as much of the workflow as possible. Please check it out, it’s free while in beta – feedback is welcome. Thanks!

  • Ruchi

    Nice List! I would like to suggest one more addition to it – zipBoard( ZipBoard is a design feedback tool that allows team members and external stakeholders to exchange feedback by annotating the design.